Modern Roses XI: The World Encyclopedia of Roses

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Modern Roses XI: The World Encyclopedia of Roses

This work, published previously by the American Rose Society (ARS), represents a listing of all officially registered rose cultivars globally. It will supersede the previous edition, Modern Roses X, published in 1993.

Modern Roses XI contains descriptions for more than 25,000 roses. The book features 28 color plates and includes a CD-ROM of the entire work which makes searching easy.

Key Features
* Updates the only official registry of all rose cultivars around the workd
* Describes over 25,000 roses
* Includes a comprehensive list of roses with historical and botanical importance, including all modern international rose registrations
* Features "Old Garden Roses at Sangerhausen" together with an article on this unique rose repository
* Includes unregistered roses commonly used in commerce
* Incorporates a report on classification of roses and a report on the registration process of roses

Publisher: Academic Press 2000-04-19
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