Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide

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Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide

In just a few years, green roofs have gone from a horticultural curiosity to a booming growth industry-primarily because the environmental benefits of extensively planted roofs are now beyond dispute, whether for industrial or governmental complexes or for private homes in urban or suburban settings. Despite the high level of interest in green roofs, until now there has been no reliable reference devoted exclusively to the various species of drought-tolerant plants that are suitable for use on extensive green roofs.

Green Roof Plants fills that void. The book contains photographs and cultural information for more than 200 species and cultivars of plants, including valuable data on moisture needs, heat tolerance, hardiness, bloom color, foliage characteristics, and height. Concise, accurate, and easy to use, this book is destined to become an indispensable practical reference guide, not just for architects, landscape designers, engineers, and environmentalists, but also for environmentally conscious home gardeners.
Author: Edmund C. Snodgrass, Lucie L. Snodgrass,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2006-09-01
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