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Mike Stevens presents a complete and readable guide to one of the most popular flowering plant choices: begonias. The Begoniaceae has as many as 1,000 known and identified species plus countless hundreds of hybrids.

This informative and practical guide for gardeners focuses on the popular tuberous begonias, and also includes:
  • history and key discoveries
  • culture of non-tuberous begonias
  • large-flowered tuberhybrida in containers year-round
  • basket begonias
  • fertilizers, soils, watering and propagation
  • creating your own hybrids
  • remedies for pests, diseases and disorders
  • 95 beautiful full color photographs

With dozens of the author's recommended species and hybrids plus nursery sources and a bibliography, Begonias is a solid reference work.

Author: Mike Stevens,
Publisher: Firefly Books, 2002-03-02
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