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The definitive guide to a popular hardy perennial. The growing popularity of hostas can be credited to their colorful beauty, longevity and ability to grow successfully just about anywhere. Hosta foliage comes in astonishing variations. From blue, green, yellow to multicolored, the leaves appear in all manner of shape, size and texture.

Their growing season stretches from early spring to late fall. The plant's flower ranges in color from white to pale lavenders and blue-purples. For gardeners in colder climates, the best part is that hostas flourish to Zone 3 -- virtually all of continental United States as well as populated areas of Canada and Alaska.

Hostas introduces modern, busy gardeners to the charms of this beautifully diverse plant. After a brief section on the fascinating history of hostas, the book covers growing the various cultivars in fine detail.

Topics include:

  • Cultivation
  • Propagation
  • Landscaping with hostas
  • Borders and beds
  • Typical garden settings
  • Enhancing a garden's special features
  • Growing hostas in containers
  • Good plant and tree companions
  • Catalogue of hostas

Illustrated with color photographs throughout, Hostas is a valuable resource for modern, creative gardeners.

Author: Rosemary Barrett,
Publisher: David & Charles, 2004-03-26
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