Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands

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Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands: Creating abundant and resilient food systems
Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands focuses on low-input and sustainable techniques for growing food in the Pacific. It covers a range of time-tested traditional agroforestry systems, modern agroforestry, local source of soil fertility, pest and disease control, livestock, and getting started with planning and implementation. Eleven authors contributed to this extensive work, which is illustrated by over 350 color photos and drawings.

Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands

For millennia, tree-rich agroforestry landscapes have provided the countless ecological and cultural products and services that have been the hallmark of the beauty and health of our islands and peoples. Sadly, for over a century, in our rush to modernize and promote monocultural export agriculture, we have seen the accelerating breakdown of these life-giving systems. Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands highlights the countless benefits and positive characteristics of agroforestry within the context of a rapidly urbanizing Pacific. It presents solutions for planning, implementing, and maintaining and enriching agroforestry systems tailored to the diverse "ridge-to-reef" island environments and cultures of the Pacific. It is a wonderful book for anyone interested in the arboreal, agricultural, and cultural diversity of the Pacific Islands and how each and every one of us can play roles in ensuring that this tree-rich heritage be preserved and enriched as a foundation for food, health, energy, and livelihood security and our front line of defense against climate, environmental, and economic change in a rapidly globalizing Pacific Island world. --R.R. Thaman, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji Islands

Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands is a must-have for anyone interested in tropical agroforestry food production systems. It is well written, beautifully illustrated, and accessible to a wide audience. It integrates the richness and expertise inherent in traditional agroforestry practices of Pacific Islanders with in-depth information obtained from scientific studies. This book is a monumental achievement that reflects 15 years of publications by PAR for practical implementation. While focused on the Pacific Islands, this publication will find an appreciative audience throughout the tropics. It provides a blueprint for cultivating sustainable traditional agroforestry systems to provide food security and support local economic development. --Diane Ragone, Breadfruit Institute, National Tropical Botanical Garden

Agroforestry Landscapes for Pacific Islands is an artfully illustrated reference of 320 informative and synergistically edited pages that are aptly organized into six complete chapters and comprehensively referenced. The book is a must-have technical reference for Pacific Island students, policy makers, natural resource specialists, and landowners to help promote and sustain holistic resiliency of tropical Pacific island agroforestry systems. --Bart Lawrence, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
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