How to Plant a Garden

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How to Plant a Garden

How to Plant a Garden: Design tricks, ideas and planting schemes for year-round interest
Confused by the bewildering range of plants on offer at your local garden centre? How do you choose, use and create beautiful planting schemes like the professionals?

The book takes you on a structured journey through the design process, from the initial assessment of your existing space, through choosing a theme or style, to putting it all together. Learn what various plant groups can provide and how to problem-solve by selecting the right species. Understand the role that form, color, scent and texture play in the garden, and how to use focal points and accent plants for added interest. Tiny courtyard gardeners and suburban gardeners alike will learn how to mix plants in pleasing combinations that will provide interest through the seasons and last for years. How to Plant a Garden proves that a good planting scheme can transform your garden from the ordinary to the truly inspirational.
Author: Matt James
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley , 2016-04-05
ISBN: 1845339843, EAN: 9781845339845

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