Shadows and Light

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Shadows and Light: Showcasing a Hosta Love Affair
Hostas provide gardeners with so many excellent plant characteristics that make them invaluable in the landscape. These plants also provide exceptional color, pattern, texture, form, substance, as well as long-lasting beauty, versatility and relative ease of care.

Shadows and Light: Showcasing a Hosta Love Affair

I’ve titled this book ‘Shadows and Light’ for many reasons. Hostas have definitely come out of the shadows over the past few decades as new trends in hybridization have resulted in a stunning new generation of hostas that only superficially resemble their commonly grown ancestors. A new spotlight shines on these dramatic plants and there appears to be no limit to what we’ll be graced with as hosta breeding continues to showcase new trends and characteristics. More than a hosta encyclopedia, my aim is to showcase the features of many of my favorite hostas and express my undying love for these incredible beauties in a way never seen before. I hope you enjoy this collection of beautiful plants and information as I showcase a love affair with hostas.
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Cornus alternifolia 'Golden Shadows' - Pagoda Dogwood