Plants: Gunnera manicata - giant gunnera

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Giant gunnera is probably the biggest herbaceous perennial in the world, apart from banana trees. This exotic looking plant is called dinosaur’s food and comes from the Andes (Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia) where it can grow 3 m tall.

Its leaves work like funnels, directing all rainwater right into the center of the plant. It loves boggy soil, otherwise you have to water it often in the summer. Such leaves transpire a lot of water that must be added. However, in winter, the roots must not stand in water or they will rot, as the leaves die back and cannot transpire.

Gunneras need diffused sunlight or shade. Well established plants can take half a day of direct sunlight with sufficient watering. For vigorous growth, larger leaves, and better colour we recommend providing a lot of nutrients. Hardy to about -21°C (USDA zone 6b) or -27°C with protection.

Size/type: medium-sized shrub
Usual height: 1-2m
Usual width: 1-2m
Leaves: deciduous broadleaf
Colour of leaves: green
Flowers: less showy but noticeable
Colour of flowers:
Blooming time: june - august
Location: semi-shade to shade
Usda zone (lowest): 6b (down to -21°c)
Belongs to categories: perennials, exotics

Gunnera manicata - giant gunnera

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