Garden Designers at Home

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The Private Spaces of the World's Leading Designers
The gardens designers have created for their clients may be familiar to garden enthusiasts, but what happens in the designers' own backyards? This fascinating book takes a look at the gardens of some top designers, investigating how they differ from their commissioned work, the design process, and how they reflect their owner's design philosophy.

Garden Designers at Home

Private gardens are often sites for experimentation, either with untried plants, novel construction techniques, or innovative ways of handling space. Some designers use their gardens as "gallery spaces"—perfect representations of the heart and soul of their work, while others may be radically different from a designer's commissioned projects. The fact that private gardens are the site for experimentation suggests that a peek through the garden gate will be a privileged look into the future.

About the Author
Noel Kingsbury is a respected garden designer who writes for the Garden and Gardens Illustrated and has a column in Homes and Gardens. His other books include Designing Borders, Gardens by Design, Hybrid, Natural Garden Style, and Seedheads in the Gard
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