Exotic Gardening

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Exotic Gardening

An inspirational guide for all levels of gardeners to using lush, bold foliage, even in temperate climates

With fabulous palms, big bold banana leaves, color flowers, and flamboyant foliage, exotic gardens never fail to fascinate and excite a gardener. This inspirational book introduces the dazzling array of hardy and tender plants that can be used to create jungle-style landscapes in every garden. It explains their characteristics, and advises on how they can be planted and grown to produce a stunning display to be enjoyed even in temperate climates. With A to Z reference of exotic plants and plenty of ideas for design, finishing touches, and desert gardens, this is the perfect guide for a gardener at any level.

About the Author
Ian Cooke is a professional horticulturalist who was awarded the Associate of Honour by the Royal Horticultural Society. His other books include The Gardener's Guide to Growing Cannas, Grasses and Bamboos, and Waterwise Gardening.
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