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While the flamboyant blooms of hibiscus conjure up images of the tropics, there are today many new hybrids that flourish in subtropical and even temperate climates. And indeed, in cooler climates hibiscus grown in containers will do well all summer long and then move indoors to bring sunny color and extravagance to homes surrounded by winter. Readers living in northerly climates will be thrilled to learn that they too can enjoy tropical splendor year-round.

The focus of this book is on the home garden, in containers and in small spaces. Hibiscus provide welcome and wonderful color in garden design. A special chapter discusses selecting and growing hibiscus in cool climates. The superb photography and practical, easy-to-follow advice also covers:
the history of hibiscus in cultivation
choosing, siting, planting and staking
pruning and propagation
an organic approach to pests and diseases
specifics of container culture
uses in garden design.

With over 90 full color photographs and a list of over 200 recommended hybrids for various uses -- including cool climates, dwarfs and standards, foliage, unusual color, hedging, espalier, long-lasting blooms, containers, and suitable for beginners -- Hibiscus is a compact, comprehensive guide to these fabulous flowering plants.

Author: Jacqueline Walker
ISBN: 1552095339
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