Japanese Maples

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Japanese Maples

This is among the first books published by Timber Press, and after more than two decades it continues to be one of our signature bestsellers. A comprehensive source of information on the culture, identification, and nomenclature of Japanese maples, it describes each of the 320 cultivars of Acer palmatum and 60 cultivars of other Japanese maple species, plus briefly mentions 150 promising new plants. The index lists every horticultural name published, ensuring that Japanese Maples will continue to be the foremost reference book on this wonderfully versatile collection of ornamental plants.

This fully updated third edition has been revised by Peter Gregory and is even more international than its predecessors. It adds approximately 100 important new maple hybrids and selections that have been introduced since the last revision by Vertrees in 1987, bringing to nearly 400 the total number of plants described. Nomenclature has been updated to conform to current standards, many additional photographs have been included, and descriptions have been rearranged for greater ease of reference.
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