Trees for All Seasons

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Trees for All Seasons

Broadleaved Evergreens for Temperate Climates | It's simple: broadleaved evergreens are trees that don't lose their leaves. And despite their versatility and beauty, they are often underused. Why? Most people, including knowledgeable gardeners, equate evergreens with conifers—and Christmas trees— rather than broadleaved plants. And many of the most attractive broadleaved evergreens have only recently become commercially available.

Sean Hogan—one of America's most respected and well-known horticulturists—aims to correct the problem with this groundbreaking title. Ten years of research has gone into the detailed descriptions and photographs of more than 300 choice trees. Hogan opens our eyes to a largely unexplored world of foliar beauty—from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand; from Chile and Argentina to Mexico and the western United States. Among the profiled plants are the drought-tolerant, russetbarked manzanitas; the finely textured, glossy-leaved azaras; and the exquisitely fragrant michelias. Also included are little-known gems from such well-known genera as the hollies and oaks. Hogan has filled an obvious gap in horticultural literature. By bringing to light hundreds of exciting plants that have the potential to transform gardens, he also performs an outstanding service.
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