Plants: Cercis siliquastrum - Judas tree

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Judas tree is a rather special plant with profusion of beautiful, bright pink flowers in mid spring. They are small, pea-like, and so special due to their appearance on bare wood and even the main stems, however large and old they are. For prolific flowering the plant needs a hot and sunny summer in the previous year.

Cercis siliquastrum - Judas tree

The deciduous leaves are kidney-shaped or, less commonly, heart-shaped, bronze when they emerge and somewhat mid green with a turquoise tint in summer, and have reddish stalks.

Grow it in almost any, well-drained soil. It does best in chalky to alkaline soil that is dry and sandy. As it comes from eastern part of Mediterranean it prefers warm and sheltered positions in our climate. Hardy to about -23°C (USDA zone 6).

Usual height and width: 4-7m x 3-5m
Leaves: deciduous broadleaf
Size/type: small tree
Colour of leaves: green
Blooming time: April - May
Location: full sun
Flowers: showy
USDA zone (lowest): 6 (down to -23°C)
Colour of flowers: deep pink
Belongs to categories: deciduous broadleaf
Milan Havlis, Specializované zahradnictví
Chlumec 23, 382 32 Velešín, Czech Republic

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