Plants: Ficus carica 'Bornholm´s Diamond' - fig tree

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Ficus carica 'Bornholm´s Diamond' - fig tree

Another hardy fig that can grow and even fruit in our climate (zone 6) is called Bornholm’s Diamond (Bornholms Diamant). Its name and characteristics were derived from a Swedish variety called Bornholm bred on on island of the same name. This one is more tolerant of damp weather which makes it suitable for continental climate.

The fruit is large – approx. 6 cm long and 4-5 cm wide. The skin is green and turns light brownish red closer to maturity, the flesh is pink. Its taste is sweet and juicy though perhaps not as strong as on southern varieties. It ripens from mid-summer until end August (weather conditions pending). Immature fruit and branches contain sap which can be an eye and lip-irritant. Pick up the fruit only when it is easily detachable from the stalks. The shrub does not require pollination. Palmate leaves are very ornamental – mid green and large, with deep, rounded lobes.

It needs a sunny spot preferably at a south-facing wall where it can accumulate a lot of warmth and is sheltered in winter. Young plants survive approx. -15°C, older plants can take -20°C or more with protection. In any case it is fully root-hardy i.e. it always re-sprouts from the ground level if branches are damaged by frost. It needs alkaline soil with some clay and plenty of humus-rich material. Pruning is possible in spring, for stronger fruiting you can cut new branches after 3rd leaf in summer.
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