Secrets of Companion Planting

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Secrets of Companion Planting: Plants That Help, Plants That Hurt

Plants That Help, Plants That Hurt | Transform a messy, tangled garden into a lush, productive retreat with this simple yet thorough handbook. The basics of companion gardening can be easily integrated into one’s gardening style using the nurturing power of Mother Nature and taking fundamental principles into account. Not merely a seasonal occupation or hobby, companion planting is a natural way to restore balance to outdoor spaces.

By planting certain plants in close proximity, each helps the others. Easily implemented techniques such as increasing the essential oils and nutrients in plants, conditioning the soil, and attracting helpful insects are discussed, as well as ways to reduce pests and diseases without the use of toxic pesticides.

Author: Brenda Little,
Publisher: Silverleaf Press , 2008-05-01
ISBN: 1933317930, EAN: 9781933317939
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