Plants: Cryptomeria japonica 'Cristata' - crested Japanese cedar

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Cryptomeria japonica 'Cristata' - crested Japanese cedar

Japanese cedars proved to grow happily in our garden where winter temperatures sometimes drop to -27°C. They showed no damage whatsoever and thrive.

Cristata is a weird looking variety with congested new growths that are flattened into “cockscombs” and divide into individual branches in summer. Their colour is rich, warm green that turns bronzy-brown in winter which is its protective colour. It grows moderately into a narrow and conical, evergreen tree. Pruning is not recommended. Just to restore untidy specimens cut it back to within 60-90 cm and let it grow again on its own. It is tolerant of wide range of soils but thrives in deep, fertile, moist soil. Fully hardy to -27°C (USDA zone 5b).
Milan Havlis, Specializované zahradnictví
Chlumec 23, 382 32 Velešín, Czech republic

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