Plant Protection

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Managing Greenhouse Insect and Mite Pests | This introduction to the basics of managing insects in a greenhouse environment discusses insect and mite feeding behaviors while offering excellent descriptions and photographs of several economically significant pests, including whiteflies, thrips, and leafminers.

Plant Protection: Managing Greenhouse Insect and Mite Pests

This resource covers the details of handling and applying pesticides, including modes of action and pesticide rotation, tank mixes, application timing and coverage, plant phytotoxicity to pesticides, and proper pesticide storage. Ideal for horticulture students, beginning growers, and experienced hands who could use a refresher on safe and effective control of greenhouse insects, this guide helps growers maximize a crop's economic value by helping identify and properly treat pest problems before it is too late.

Author: Raymond A. Cloyd,
Publisher: Ball Publishing , 2008-04-01
ISBN: 1883052602, EAN: 9781883052607
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