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Lavender: Growing & Using Lavender for Fragrance

Growing & Using Lavender for Fragrance | All of lavender’s luscious qualities come together in this comprehensive volume that covers how to grow it and use its flowers and oils for a variety of healing, cooking, and beauty purposes. Drying lavender for making sachets, wands, and wreaths is covered, as well as extracting its essential oils to make body oil, body powder, and lip balm.

A culinary section features recipes for making staples such as lavender pepper, salt, honey, sugar, and vinegar, as well as full meals that feature herbed chevre with crostini, lavender pistachio lamb chops, and lavender ice cream. Lavender's healing properties include alleviating motion sickness, reducing nightmares, and acting as a decongestant—instructions for preparing the herb for these purposes are included.

Author: Jessie Hawkins,
Publisher: Silverleaf Press , 2008-03-01
ISBN: 1933317787, EAN: 9781933317786
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