Expert Guide to Lawns (Toro)

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Expert Guide to Lawns (Toro): Pro Secrets for a Beautiful Yard (Toro)

Pro Secrets for a Beautiful Yard (Toro) | oro knows lawns, and with this book, homeowners will have Toro at their side, helping them maintain a beautiful yard through authoritative step-by-step text, 350 color photos, and 101 full-color illustrations. For more than eight decades, Toro has been intimately involved in the cultivation and maintenance of turfgrass, from both a residential and a professional standpoint. Toro has invested millions of dollars in turf-related research, educational programs, and scholarships at major universities, in addition to research into the best irrigation and lawn-maintenance systems available.

Over the years, the company's innovations have helped improve golf-course playability at the majority of the over 15,000 golf courses in the United States and in many of the most prestigious golf courses throughout the world. Toro provides the most comprehensive selection of turf maintenance and irrigation equipment to the golf course market and is the market leader in nearly every equipment category in which the company competes. If you are watching a major golf tournament on television, chances are that the turf maintenance equipment and/or the irrigation system in use at the course is manufactured by The Toro Company. In addition to being a leading supplier to the golf industry, Toro also supplies turf maintenance equipment to grounds crews that maintain well over 40 professional and commercial sports fields and grounds venues, including many Major League Baseball fields, NFL fields, college and university athletic departments, World Cup Soccer venues, and more. With Toro's Expert Guide to Lawns readers will learn from the pros how toImprove their lawn's appearance, whether fixing problem areas or starting new areas from scratch by planting seeds or laying sodTest and improve soil makeup and aerationSave money, time, and effort in lawn maintenanceWin the war against weeds without polluting the environmentDiagnose and cure various lawn problems, including those caused by insectsIncrease drought resistance by reducing watering frequency

Author: Joseph Provey, Kris Robinson, Van Cline,
Publisher: Creative Homeowner , 2008-02-05
ISBN: 1580113753, EAN: 9781580113755
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