Design Ideas for Decks & Patios

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Design Ideas for Decks & Patios

Design Ideas for Decks and Patios presents ideas, styles, and the latest trends designed to cater to the outdoor-living needs and desires of today's homeowners.Living it up stylishly in today's casual open-air "rooms" calls for serious design consideration.In this photo-driven book, readers will find lots of examples of floating and single- and multi-level decks and attached structures (gazebos, pergolas, built-ins, stairs and railing) and soft-set as well as mortar-based patios.

The book also comes with information and tips for choosing a site and shape, plus a rundown on material options (wood versus synthetic decking; stone, brick, interlocking pavers, and concrete).In addition, Design Ideas for Decks and Patios helps reader make important decisions that will affect how they will use the space:choosing furnishings; controlling light and shade; equipping a cooking area or outdoor kitchen; integrating a pool, spa, or water feature; outfitting the deck and patio with media accoutrements; and extending the season with a fireplace or fire pit and heating and cooling devices.

Author: Heidi King,
Publisher: Creative Homeowner , 2008-02-01
ISBN: 1580113982, EAN: 9781580113984
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