Plants: Ginkgo biloba - maidenhair tree

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Ginkgo biloba - maidenhair tree

Maidenhair tree is probably one of the oldest species on Earth. It was here some 180 million years ago … obviously it was the time when the Dead Sea was still ill. Its extreme tolerance of various conditions made it survive to our time. One tree can live as long as 2000 years.

It belongs to conifers though its needles are so flat and wide that you just have to call them leaves. They are fan-shaped, leaves on male plants are more deeply lobed, matt and pale or pea-green. In the autumn they turn vivid yellow. Maidenhair tree is deciduous.

Its growth rate is somewhat peculiar – one year nothing and the next year half a meter. In general it is slow growing, making 20-30 cm on average per year. The shape is narrowly pyramidal, younger plants are sparsely branched.

It can stand various difficulties – heavy soil, air pollution, lack of moisture, extreme frosts. Once established it can take all-summer drought and will live happily in parks with kids stomping and jumping above its root system. Fully hardy to -40°C (USDA zone 3).
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