Plants: Hibiscus moscheutos 'Mauvelous'® - swamp mallow

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Hibiscus moscheutos 'Mauvelous'® - swamp mallow

Swamp mallow has been a sought after plant over the past couple of years and its popularity is rising as new varieties keep coming in the market. Variety name Mauvelous is a play on words, combining mauve and marvellous, both of which are true as descriptions of its flowers. They are mauve to lilac-pink with a small, deep purple eye in the centre, and incredibly large: upto 24 cm on diameter. Fat buds are deep pink or purple. Deadheading spent flowers will encourage setting new flower buds.

Leaves are smooth or nearly glossy above, and slightly hairy underneath, deep green. They do not have lobes like other hibiscus species.

The plant is dependent on regular water and feed supply. Use fertilizers with enough phosphorus for abundant flowering, or any other quick-release fertilizers where nitrogen is not predominant. Any fertilizing has to stop by end September.

For healthy growth and profuse flowering it needs a sunny location with a lot of moisture which can be achieved by good mulching. The soil has to be fertile and permeable, never let it dry out in summer. However, in winter the plant must not linger in wet ground, it would rot. Protect it with straw or mulch. Thus it will survive temperatures down to -27°C (USDA zone 5). Cut back the plant only a few centimetres above ground level in spring.
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