Flower Stories

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Flower Stories

Jouni Sepp,nen is an internationally renowned master florist. He has won the Finnish championships six times, took part in the 1995 European championships in Hamburg and in the 1997 World championships in Amsterdam. He owns a design flower shop in central Helsinki and is in charge of the floristry training at the Kempele Master School.

After the publication of Innovations, Jouni Sepp,nen now presents himself in a new edition, Flower Stories, as a designer with a big interest in beautiful women, jewels, hair design, haute couture and Finnish history. In Flower Stories he creates a world of floristic creativity with these elements, that revolves around one floral material: the story of roses, the story of lilies, the story of berries, the grass story A marvellous book that definitely contains a lot of innovative inspiration for every floral artist! Text in English and Dutch.

Author: Jouni Seppanen,
Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek , 2007-11-25
ISBN: 9058561917, EAN: 9789058561916
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