Plants: Ilex aquifolium - Common Holly

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Common holly is a useful evergreen shrub or small tree that can be grown as a specimen tree, clipped bushes or as a hedge. If unpruned it can reach height of 15m and spread 8m. It lives on wide range of soil types - from calcerous to poor and acid but preferably dry, well-drained / light.

Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade, Shade. Formerly used for carving inlay and engraving. Good firewood even when green. Trees were pollarded and used for winter feed. Berries are poisonous though used as an emetic. Very prickly leaves are a strong deterrent to many creatures that might otherwise steal birds' eggs from nests among the holly. The red berries of holly add a splash of colour at Christmastime, when this evergreen tree is often at its most attractive.

Ilex aquifolium - Common Holly

Ilex aquifolium - Common Holly
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