Garden Paths & Stepping Stones

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Garden Paths & Stepping Stones

Pathways around your home can be the most striking outdoor element, providing a visual and physical guide through your surroundings. Instead of settling for boring straight-line sidewalks, why not create your own geography with paths that add art to necessity! Let this lush visual resource for gardeners and garden designers inspire you with its 125 different paths that feature styles from very casual to natural trails to elegantly formal walkways.

Do-it-yourself installation instructions cover materials, elements of design, each step of construction, and maintenance tips. The value of your home will increase, and so will the pleasure you receive from walking outdoors, as the ordinary activity of going from one place to another reveals your sense of beauty and character. A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club & the Homestyle Book Club.

Author: Tara Dillard,
Publisher: Sterling , 2007-02-01
ISBN: 1402714696, EAN: 9781402714696
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