Plants: Tricyrtis hirta - Hairy Toad Lily

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Tricyrtis hirta - Hairy Toad Lily

Tricyrtis hirta, the Japanese Toad Lily is probably one of the most unique flowering perennials available! Commonly known as Toad Lily, it has the ability to bloom in shade from late summer to early fall. It features small, lily-like flowers with white to pale lilac flowers that have heavy purple spotting. Sometimes also called Hairy Toad Lily because all parts of the plant are hairy! Be sure to plant it where they can be easily observed at close range, because the beauty and detail of the small flowers becomes lost at a distance.

This woodland plant has a Smilacena like leaf stem, leaves and habit but with very interesting flowers. Flowers are incredibly fascinating and unusual. Shade to semi-shade in humus-rich soil.

A wonderful group of perennials that bloom very late and brighten up late summer and dreary fall days. A must for almost every garden

Synonym:Tricyrtis japonica

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens
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