Invitation: FOR CITY 2007

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Dear Business Partners, We would like to make you familiar with the cycle of professional exhibitions known as FOR CITY, which is to take place in Prague on 13-15 November 2007 at the Prague Exhibition Centre in Letňany.

The FOR CITY project includes the following exhibitions:

The 13th edition of the exhibition aimed at the environment and sustainable development of regions, towns and communities will be focused in 2007 on the field of waste materials in general, waste electrical and electronic equipment, renewable resources of energy (biomass, biogas, solar energy, etc.), biofuels, environmental technologies. We prepare seminars in cooperation with professional organisations and firms (such as CZ Biom, CENIA, REMA, CZECH RE AGENCY etc.).

The 3rd edition of the professional exhibition aimed at public greenery and urban furnishing with a focus on planning, designing, implementation, maintenance and public green area management. Within the framework of this exhibition and in cooperation with the Czech Landscape and Garden Society and the Greenery Establishment and Maintenance Association, there will be held a seminar with the following core topics: public procurement relating to landscaping from the viewpoint of price offer assessment, public bio-swimming pools, competition entitled “Park of the Year 2003-2007”, greenery in the village, competition entitled “Village of the Year” or Entente florale.

The 7th edition of the professional exhibition aimed at transport engineering and transport and technical facilities. This exhibition is designed for firms doing business in the field of traffic and transport, forwarding, logistics, transport buildings, traffic signs. In cooperation with the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic, the conference on Sustainable and Safe Transport will be held within the framework of this exhibition, and this conference will be followed up on the subsequent day by the conference organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, which is entitled “Suburban Transport”. A part of the exhibition will be formed also by the nation-wide competition TRANSPORT BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2006 and by the festive enunciation of its winners at the participation of Ing. Aleš Řebíček, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic.

Target group of exhibitors
Specialised firms and companies which operate not only within the private sector but are also interested in the field of public procurement and provide their products, technologies services and consultancy for the public sector; as well as professional associations, possibly expositions of regions, cities and institutions of the state administration.

Target groups of visitors
Representatives of the municipal sphere and state administration, i.e. representatives of the public sector as purchasers of products, services and information offered by companies (e.g. mayors, chairpersons of town councils, staff members of such departments as transport, environment, asset management, representatives of state authorities, etc.), garden architects, designers, students.

Accompanying program of the FOR CITY exhibition
 Sustainable and safe transport /conference/
 Biofuels /seminar/
Natural gas in transport /seminar/
 Biowaste /seminar/
 Biogas stations /seminar/
 Biomass /seminar/
 Root treatment facilities /seminar/
 “Green paperwork” /seminar/
 Waste electrical and electronic equipment /seminar/
 Solar energy /seminar/
 Greenery in the public sector /seminar/

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