Building & Maintaining Docks

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Building & Maintaining Docks: How to Design, Build, Install & Care for Residential Docks

How to Design, Build, Install & Care for Residential Docks | Millions of homes are situated along the shores of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, and a large number of these have (or very much need) a dock. Some docks serve as boat landings, others as fishing piers, still others as platforms for recreational swimming and sunning, and some as places for relaxed entertaining decks over water. Building & Maintaining Docks is a guide book for planning, designing, building, and maintaining any type of dock, both for primary residences and vacation homes. Heavily illustrated with color photography, and featuring the latest technologies in dock construction and building materials, this book will both inspire and educate.

Author: Chris Lamping,
Publisher: Creative Publishing international , 2007-02-01
ISBN: 1589232844, EAN: 9781589232846
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