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Garden Spaces: Simple Solutions for Planning and Design

Simple Solutions for Planning and Design | Award-winning garden designer George Carter presents an array of imaginative ways to transform the look of an existing garden or create an entirely new one. With his expert techniques outlined in explanatory photographs, drawings, and easy-to-follow plans it's easy to enliven or disguise unpleasant aspects of a garden's perimeters, make the most of both light and shade, and choose surface substitutes for grass and paving. There's also invaluable advice on subdividing even small spaces, and smoothly coordinating a mix of flower and vegetable gardens, play and leisure areas, and storage. Most beautiful of all: his stage-inspired designs for creating theatrical effects.

Author: George Carter,
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley , 2007-03-01
ISBN: 1845333136, EAN: 9781845333133
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