Garden and Landscape Architects of France

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Garden and Landscape Architects of France

This series has documented the contemporary landscape architecture of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and England. Now at last comes France, that historic force in formality (Versailles), fauvism (Fontainbleau) and egalitarianism (public parks), and a recent force in contemporary landscape architecture.

The most accomplished projects of 20 renowned French landscape architects are presented--figures like Michel Corajoud, Jacques Coulon, Allain Provost, Pascal Cribier, Gilles Clement, Jacques Simon and Michel Desvigne--alongside the work of their up-and-coming younger colleagues--Louis Benech, Anne-Sylvie Bruel & Christophe Delmar, Catherine Mosbach, Christine & Michel Pena and many others. These inviting public parks, breathtaking castle gardens and gigantic sculpted surfaces surprise and please in 250 color photographs.

Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek , 2007-03-01
ISBN: 9058561453, EAN: 9789058561459
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