The Plant Doctor

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The Plant Doctor: A Practical Guide to Having a Healthy Garden

A Practical Guide to Having a Healthy Garden | Every spring, plant lovers around the world are faced with life-or-death questions such as: Will it be petunias or pansies? Marigolds or morning glories? Do I dare plant azaleas in the shade? Although most of us still rely on friends or dumb luck to figure things out, there is a better way. The Plant Doctor is a gardeners one-stop resource for common gardening questions. Whether youre a novice struggling to keep your day lilies alive or a more experienced green thumb pondering a new fertilizer for your roses, theres an answer for you.

The book provides important basic information, such as which agricultural zone you live in so you will know which plants grow best in your neck of the woods. Included are answers to hundreds of fruit, flower and vegetable-garden questions, such as advice on pruning apple trees, training climbing roses, and planting window boxes. This well-organized book is filled with tips on everything from planting bulbs to growing annuals and perennials from seed. Armchair gardeners will get an eyeful and a quick course in Latin plant names. The book examines a range of typical problems and provides prexions for ailments affecting plants, trees, and flowers.

Author: Sonia Day,
Publisher: Key Porter Books , 2007-03-28
ISBN: 1552637379, EAN: 9781552637371
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