Environments for Outdoor Play

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A Practical Guide to Making Space for Children | Exciting spaces to play are vital if we are to provide children with challenging, flexible, inclusive and stimulating opportunities to learn, develop and have fun together.

Environments for Outdoor Play: A Practical Guide to Making Space for Children

This book provides readers with ideas for developing play environments that will meet the needs of the children in their care. It illustrates how improving the play environment also offers a better, more positive way of dealing with a number of issues from inclusion to playground management and the need to promote physical activity.

It includes:

" clear frameworks for designing play environments;

" case studies showing examples of how play environments can be developed;

" ideas and activities which lead to interesting designs, with the participation of the children;

" practical examples, illustrations & photographs;

" research evidence showing the importance of good play environments.

The book is aimed at practitioners and managers in all early years and children's play settings, and students on education, early childhood, child care and playwork courses. It is also very relevant to playground designers, landscape architects and community education and development workers.

Author: Theresa Casey,
Publisher: Paul Chapman Educational Publishing , 2007-04-13
ISBN: 1412929369, EAN: 9781412929363

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