Plants: Akebia quinata - Chocolate Vine

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Akebia quinata - Chocolate Vine

Also known as Five-Leaved Akebia. A very hardy Japanese climber with astonishingly fragrant deep purple flowers followed by elongated edible fruit. Climbs readily and can also be used as a ground cover. Compound, leathery leaves are unusual in appearance. Evergreen in mild climates. Tolerant of partial shade.

The clusters of fragrant, lilac-purple flowers appear in May. Fruit is a 2-7" long pod which turns purple and splits open when ripe in September or October. Inside is a core of edible white pulp which tastes somewhat like tapioca pudding. In order to obtain fruit it is best to plant two or more vines. Hand cross-pollination will likely result in heaviest fruit production (much fruit can be set as a result of a few minutes of hand-pollination). The vines in our planting, which are about 15' apart, usually set fairly good crops of fruit without hand-pollination, however. Hardy from zones 4-9.

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