Plants: Viburnum dentatum 'Cardinal Candy' - Cardinal Candy Viburnum

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Viburnum dentatum 'Cardinal Candy' - Cardinal Candy Viburnum

Cardinal Candy Viburnum' CARDINAL CANDYTM A special new selection with abundant glossy scarlet red fruit. Discovered in a batch of seed grown plants, after which a -25 degree cold spell killed off all other plants except Cardinal Candy. Tons of creamy white flowers cover this well branched, rounded plant in May. The fruit on this plant is remarkable and abundant. The show of bright red fruit appears in late summer and is still clinging to shrub the next spring when the Cedar Waxwings come to nibble away. Discovered by Rodney Henneke.

Zone 4-9
Height: 5-7 feet
Full Sun or Partial Shade

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens
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