John Deere Landscaping & Lawn Care

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John Deere Landscaping & Lawn Care

The Complete Guide to a Beautiful Yard Year-Round | Provides practical and accessible projects that homeowners can accomplish in a weekend. Creating a comfortable, attractive, and safe outdoor living space is an essential part of home ownership. While homeowners take great responsibility for their home's exterior maintenance and pride in its curb appeal, yard work often poses the greatest challenge to new homeowners, especially those who are limited on time and resources.

This illustrated reference book provides homeowners with practical information to handle their yard care needs and protect their most valuable asset. While there are many books available on lawn care, the lawn is only half the battle in creating an enviable yard; trees, beds, walkways and paved areas are an important part of outdoor spaces. Most new homeowners aren't interested in the minutia of lawn maintenance and fertilizing; they need to start at the beginning and receive a broader overview. Questions homeowners may ask themselves include: What type of mower should I buy? Do I need to aerate? When is the best time to water? How often do I need to trim my hedges? What is the most effective way to improve the look of my yard? What's involved in creating the most popular outdoor projects and does it make sense to do myself or should I hire a contractor? John Deere?s Illustrated Guide to Landscaping & Lawn Care will walk homeowners though these common questions and provide inspiring weekend projects that will allow them to use their new found knowledge in practical ways.

Author: Kristen Hampshire,
Publisher: Quarry Books , 2007-05-01
ISBN: 1592533434, EAN: 9781592533435
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