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This gorgeous box set is ideal for both the seasoned orchid lover and the amateur enthusiast. With two attractively presented volumes it offers practical information, history, and a wealth of fascinating orchid facts, and it is both a valuable resource and a beautiful object. The first volume of Orchids includes a history of the flower including its origins, invaluable practical information on care and cultivation, a chart listing the vast range of aromatic orchids, and a complete glossary and index.

Volume two is a fully illustrated listing of 87 varieties, complete with details on their origins, climatic and growing conditions, and varietal characteristics. An international black book of essential addresses completes this attractive resource for the amateur orchid grower. The combination of handy how-to information and exquisite photography makes this a fitting tribute to these exotic flowers. The attractive packaging with ribbon closure makes this set stand out from other books on the subject and is the perfect gift.

Author: Michel Viard,
Publisher: Flammarion , 2007-05-22
ISBN: 2080305573, EAN: 9782080305572
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