Orchids to Know and Grow

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Orchids to Know and Grow

Orchids are easy to grow, but one doesn't grow orchids like a rose, a cactus, or an African violet; one grows an orchid like an orchid! This book debunks some of the hard-to-grow myths, gives cultural information, and does so in easy-to-understand language."--Robert J. Ferry, research associate, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

"A sure-fire guide for the novice grower and an excellent resource for the experienced orchidist. Painlessly integrates the botany and horticulture of the Orchid Family."--Paul Martin Brown, research associate, University of Florida Herbarium

Orchids have been collected and grown for commercial purposes for more than 150 years, but while these spectacular plants are ever more available to casual gardeners and hobbyists, many still regard selecting and caring for orchids beyond their abilities. This book has easy-to-read, clearly defined chapters on identifying, classifying, and cultivating orchids. Also included are descriptions and illustrations of more than 150 of the more commonly grown orchid genera. The descriptions in tabular, readable outlines make it easy to select plants by appearance as well as a variety of criteria, including genus, particular light or temperature requirements, native habitat, and flowering time.

Sheehan and Black also provide valuable tips on selecting good specimens to buy and on caring for them under a variety of conditions found in either home or greenhouse. For enthusiasts, they provide advice on preparing plants for exhibition as well as chapters on uses of orchids, orchid items as collectables, diseases, insects, physiological problems, and special growing arrangements such as greenhouses and shade structures. Especially valuable is the best and most complete illustrated glossary of orchid terminology on the market.

This informative, user-friendly guide will transform even the most casual orchid fan from admirer to collector and cultivator.

Author: Thomas J. Sheehan, Robert J. Black,
Publisher: University Press of Florida , 2007-06-30
ISBN: 081303065X, EAN: 9780813030654

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