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Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowering shrubs in the world. With many species native to North America and dozens of hardy hybrids developed over the years, there is an overwhelming range of plants to choose from. Here is practical, expert advice for the American gardener looking to add brilliant color and show-stopping blooms to a garden.

This comprehensive guide covers the early history of hydrangeas, wild species and cultivated forms -- including many North American species and American-bred hybrids -- and lists the most popular varieties. It also includes:

  • a section on the widely sought-after, versatile and hardy climbing hydrangeas
  • advice on planting, cultivation, and propagation
  • how to prune hydrangea
  • use in garden design
  • how to care for cut blooms for long-lasting beauty
  • growing in containers
  • affecting bloom color -- from the pinks to the blues
  • how to choose the best plant for the site
  • information on rare species for the enthusiast and the daring.

With more than 100 stunning, full color photographs and a list of over 125 recommended species and hybrid hydrangeas for various situations and uses, Hydrangeas is a beautiful, comprehensive guide to these favorite flowering shrubs.

Author: Glyn Church,
Publisher: Firefly Books , 2001-03-03
ISBN: 1552095711, EAN: 9781552095713
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