Plants: Ficus carica 'Italian Honey' - Fig

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Ficus carica 'Italian Honey' - Fig

The fig is a picturesque tropical-looking tree or shrub with a dramatic spreading habit. The breadth is often wider than the height of 15'-30'. The bark is smooth and silvery gray and the deciduous leaves are 3 or 5-lobed and 4"-10" long. There are many cultivars available for the home landscape.

Location: Originally from the eastern Mediterranean region, figs have been cultivated by humans for over 5000 years. Figs adorned the garden of the lovely queen Cleopatra.

Light: Part sun to full sun.
Moisture: Average, well-drained. Drought tolerant, once established.
Hardiness: Hardy in USDA Zones 8-10, but with winter protection can be grown as far north as Zone 5.
Propagation: Dormant hardwood cuttings and root suckers.

Enjoy it as a house plant for the winter and then add some international flair to your deck or patio in the summer. As a patio plant, set outside during the summer and move indoors in the winter.

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