Plants: Acorus gramineus - Japanese sweet flag, Japanese rush

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Japanese sweet flag is an aquatic or wetland perennial with semievergreen grasslike foliage. It has narrow, 6-14 in (15-35.6 cm) glossy leaves and looks like thick, lush grass. Location: Japanese sweet flag is native to eastern Asia where it grows in wetlands and shallow water.

Acorus gramineus - Japanese sweet flag, Japanese rush

Light: Full sun to partial shade.
Moisture: Japanese sweet flag requires very moist soil. It does just fine in the wetland zone along ponds and ornamental pools, and even submersed in water 3-6 in (7.6-15 cm) deep. It can be grown in regular garden situations but must be watered frequently.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 6 - 9.
Propagation: Propagate Japanese sweet flag by dividing the rhizomes in spring, then letting the new divisions get established in a pot for a few weeks before planting out.

Usage: Japanese sweet flag is used along pond margins and at the edges of water gardens. It's a great foliage plant for shallow water and marshy areas. It spreads aggressively by rhizomes and will eventually produce a seamless turf, making a beautiful groundcover for the front of a bog garden. When walked upon, it releases a fragrance reminiscent of cinnamon. If you don't want a solid stand of Japanese sweet flag, grow it in submerged containers so it can't spread. It also makes a wonderful indoor plant in a bright window. Also makes a great bonsai accent.

The plant you will recieve is growing in a 3 1/2" pot, very full, and about 6" tall.

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