The Art of Perennial Gardening

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The Art of Perennial Gardening: Creative Ways with Hardy Flowers

Creative Ways with Hardy Flowers | In The Art of Perennial Garding Patrick Lima shares the secrets and strategies he has gleaned from gardening in Ontario's Burce Peninsula, bringing a seasoned, pragmatic perspective to his latest work.

Beautifully illustrated, inspiring and often humorous, this book is infused with that staple of good gardening: the promise of what is possible. The author offers hundreds of solutions and options for the perennial garden, suggesting plant combinations for every phase of the growing season. Whether you're cajoling a tiny backyard plot into beauty or facing a landscape of intimidating proportions, Lima has much to teach both the novice and the seasoned gardener about the creative act of garden-making.

Author: Patrick Lima,
Publisher: Firefly Books , 1998-03-01
ISBN: 1552092194, EAN: 9781552092194
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