Annuals & Perennials

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Botanica's Pocket (Botanica's Pocket Series) | With over 1000 colour photographs and more than 2000 plants listed, Botanica's Pocket Annuals & Perennials is sure to find an important place in your gardening library. This outstanding guide will help you find new and exciting ways to bring colour to your garden. It features a wealth of information,including:

Annuals & Perennials

- bedding plants for borders
- different species of fragrant plants
- plants suitable for growing on the coast
- plants that do well in shady areas
- soil preparation
- landscaping
- aftercare

If trees and shrubs provide the structure of a garden,then annuals and perennials provide the rich tapestry that inspires from season to season. With this guide, you can help to transform your garden into a dazzling place filled with colour.

Publisher: Whitecap Books , 2000-09
ISBN: 1552851575, EAN: 9781552851579
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