Agapanthus for Gardeners

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Agapanthus for Gardeners

Agapanthus have been cultivated and hybridized extensively since they were first brought to the attention of botanists and gardeners in the 17th century. Native to South Africa, the genus includes 6 species and 14 subspecies, both deciduous and evergreen, and more than 600 interesting and dramatic cultivars. Flowers range in color from pure white through greyish-blue to very dark blue, and plants vary from delightful miniatures for smaller gardens or containers to more imposing forms suitable for borders and beds.

Agapanthus for Gardeners is an informative and practical guide to growing this popular perennial. It includes descriptions of all species and subspecies, along with a selection of 80 cultivars that have proven themselves in the garden and in containers; information on choosing and buying plants, cultivation requirements, propagation, and pests and diseases; and a discussion of Agapanthus as a cut flower.

Illustrated with over 75 photographs, this is a useful companion to Wim Snoeijer's more scholarly and exhaustive Agapanthus: A Revision of the Genus, also published by Timber Press.

Author: Hanneke van Dijk,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated , 2004-08-01
ISBN: 0881926566, EAN: 0008819265665
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