Plants for Tropical Landscapes

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A Gardener's Guide | Plants for Tropical Landscapes will help you select and group plants to create a successful tropical garden tailored to your needs and tastes. Gardeners and landscapers will find this treasury of more than 500 common plants easy to use and one of the most comprehensive guides available today.

Plants for Tropical Landscapes: A Gardener's Guide

Plants are organized by size (ground covers, low shrubs, medium shrubs, small trees) and are fully illustrated with more than 600 color photographs to aid in their identification. The book presents guidelines on plant characteristics, soil and water requirements, and suggested landscape use for each species. In addition, appendices list plants suitable for special uses (xeriscapes, windbreaks, night gardens) and sites (beach gardens, lanai, and houseplants).

Author: Fred D. Rauch, Paul R. Weissich,
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press , 2000-10
ISBN: 0824820347, EAN: 9780824820343
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