The Gardener's Iris Book

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The Gardener's Iris Book

Irises bring color and elegance to a garden and are surprisingly easy to grow. In this book designed for the home gardener, William Shear, a 40-year veteran of iris growing, shares his expertise in choosing, planting, growing, and propagating exquisite irises. All of the essentials on iris care are carefully and simply explained, along with tips to ensure a stunning display from healthy plants.

Starting with the tall bearded iris, the book features iris types that will grow in almost any condition--dry, wet, shady, or sunny. Specific cultural advice for the most desirable and adaptable iris types allows gardeners to choose the plants best suited to their region of the country. Lavish photos by renowned garden photographer Roger Foley will foster a love of timeless irises in every gardener.

Author: William Shear, Roger Foley,
Publisher: Taunton , 2002-01-09
ISBN: 1561585602, EAN: 9781561585601
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