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European Garden Flora 6 volume hardback set

6 volume hardback set: A Manual for the Identification of Plants Cultivated in Europe, Both Out-of-Doors and Under Glass (European Garden Flora) | The European Garden Flora includes comprehensive keys at the family, genus, and species level, line diagrams to illustrate important diagnostic features of critical taxa, references to useful illustrations and taxonomic accounts.

"Most plants grown in European gardens can be found in our glasshouses or growing in North American gardens. Consequently, the title of the series does not reflect its usefulness to virtually every gardener the world round." American Scientist

"It will prove of great utility for a long time to come...A must for arboreta, botanical garden, reference libraries, and comprehensive horticultural enterprises." CHOICE July 2001

Publisher: Cambridge University Press , 2001-10-08
ISBN: 0521791464, EAN: 9780521791465
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