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Landscape Operations: Management, Methods, and Materials (3rd Edition)

Management, Methods, and Materials | An ideal guide for those just entering the landscaping field, or for those already in the business who wish to develop and strengthen their management skills, this functional book ties together the myriad facets of a landscape nursery operation by focusing on the management, methods, and materials necessary to establish and maintain a successful business. Giving readers practical advice and key information, Hannenbaum shares insight gleaned from 31 years experience in nursery and landscape industries, landscape design, installation, and management.

Covers a broad range of topics, i.e., technical information about lawn establishment; landscape design and installation; landscape construction; irrigation systems; and landscape maintenance. Also discusses important business topics as they apply to landscaping. New features include a section on construction methods for water features, and new appendices with weights and measures, conversion tables, and more.

Author: Leroy G. Hannebaum,
Publisher: Prentice Hall , 1998-10-12
ISBN: 0138569150, EAN: 9780138569150
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