Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates

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Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates

A lavish guide to planning, planting, and maintaining a Mediterranean garden, featuring an A-Z of more than 1,000 plants and 500 color photos. No image of the Mediterranean is complete without flowering climbers, colorful shrubs, or lush gardens. Now you can enjoy Mediterranean plants in your own garden. With sections on specific plants and general care, Garden Plants for Mediterranean Climates will help you to choose and grow the region's most beautiful plants. This book includes: an introduction to Mediterranean climate and points to consider when planning a garden; key features of a Mediterranean garden, including climbing plants, palms, pots, and pergolas; advice on watering and soil care; ideas on which plants to use where; an A to Z of more than 1,000 plants; and 500 gorgeous color photos.

Author: Graham Payne,
Publisher: Crowood Press , 2007-03-01
ISBN: 1861268955, EAN: 9781861268952
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