Flowering Plant Families of the World

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Flowering Plant Families of the World

This definitive book, now completely updated, will remain a key reference for gardeners, botanists and plant professionals worldwide.

The definitive reference on flowering plants, thoroughly revised.

The widely acclaimed Flowering Plants of the World, the original edition of this book, has never been surpassed in its depth and scope. Written by a team of internationally recognized authorities, this thoroughly updated edition provides the latest information and solidifies the book's position as the definitive guide on the subject.

At the core of the book are the comprehensive entries on 504 flowering plant families. Each entry describes distribution, anatomy, habitat, classification and commercial uses. The enormous wealth of newly available taxonomic information, found throughout the pages of Flowering Plant Families of the World, will interest every botanist.

Along with hundreds of beautiful, meticulously detailed artworks, the book features:

  • A complete introductory section about flowering plants
  • Distribution maps and quick-reference panels
  • An extensive illustrated glossary of specialist terms
  • A comprehensive index with plant names in Latin and English.

The book's specially commissioned botanical illustrations by professional artists are remarkable for both their beauty and their scientific accuracy.

Author: V. H. Heywood, R. K. Brummitt, A. Culham, O. Seberg,
Publisher: Firefly Books , 2007-03-16
ISBN: 1554072069, EAN: 9781554072064
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